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Red Wine Taste Guide

Château Vrai Caillou ( Vignobles Michel Pommier ) 2016

Château Vrai Caillou ( Vignobles Michel Pommier ) 2016 Good everyday wine.

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Bottle Barbera `Alba Oma ( Giovanni Rosso ) 2018
Great fresh touch of sweet red berries. Good wine for the Norwegian palate and for me a good everyday wine.
Bottle Vertente ( Niepoort Vinhos ) 2016
Again a good vintage with good body all the way. Soft with good sweetness and a pleasure to drink.
Bottle Vigneti di Torbe Ripasso ( Domìni Veneti ) 2017
It tastes of sweet dark ripe fruit and with a pleasant sour finish. Too sweet for my palate.
Bottle Château Vrai Caillou ( Vignobles Michel Pommier ) 2016
The wine has a great fresh touch with soft fruit flavor. I like the taste of this wine even though it feels somewhat thin and simple with a very short finish. It is a great fresh drinking wine that is enjoyed without food on the terrace or for simple food such as salad or chicken.
Bottle Campofiorin ( Masi ) 2016
Decent everyday wine with consistent taste all the way. overall good in taste, but a bit boring.
Bottle Barolo Bussia Riserva ( Fenocchio ) 2013
To be a Barolo it is somewhat simple and I was hoping for a little more body towards the end, but it has good fresh taste of fresh red berries all the way and a great slightly acid finish. This is also a good vintage.
Bottle Bourgogne Pinot Noir Reserve du Centenaire ( Bouchard Aîné and Fils ) 1998
Good ripe wine with smooth taste all the way. It is probably a little over its top, but is lovely as a wine just for drinking. The ending is somewhat short.
Bottle Santa Barbara Pinot Noir ( Babcock Vineyards ) 2017
Juicy, full-bodied and fresh wine with good taste and body all the way. This wine can be enjoyed alone or with simple food.

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France Cotes du Rhone Cuvee Confidence ( Domaine Fond Croze ) 2017 Terning
Chile Cabernet Sauvignon Gran Reserva ( Vina Tarapaca ) 2017 Terning
Italy Governo ( Angelo Borrani ) 2017 Terning
France Côtes du Rhône ( Domaine Roger Perrin ) 2018 Terning
Italy Barbaresco Riserva ( Roberto Sarotto ) 2013 Terning
France Gigondas Laurus ( Gabriel Meffre ) 2014 Terning
France Cornas Les Vieilles Vignes ( Alain Voge ) 2017 Terning
Italy Barolo ( Trediberri ) 2015 Terning
Spain Mencía de Espanillo ( Bodegas Mengoba ) 2016 Terning
Portugal Boina Tinto ( Portugal Boutique Winery ) 2017 Terning
Spain Cune Gran Reserva ( C.V.N.E. ) 2013 Terning
Italy Barbera d`Alba ( Massolino ) 2018 Terning
Spain Gaba do Xil Mencia ( Compañía de Vinos Telmo Rodríguez ) 2018 Terning
Chile Pinot Noir Reserve ( Vina Casas del Bosque ) 2018 Terning
Argentine Alamos Malbec ( Catena Zapata ) 2018 Terning
France Chateauneuf-du-Pape ( Le Clos du Caillou ) 2017 Terning
Safrica Syrah ( Cirrus Wines ) 2016 Terning
Italy Chianti Colli Senesi Castello di Farnetella ( Fattoria di Felsina ) 2016 Terning
France Hermitage ( E. Guigal ) 2016 Terning
Italy Chianti Classico ( Brancaia ) 2016 Terning
Spain Gran Coronas Reserva ( Miguel Torres ) 2015 Terning
Italy Valpolicella Ripasso Campolieti ( Luigi Righetti ) 2017 Terning
Portugal Escada Touriga Nacional ( D.F.J. Vinhos ) 2018 Terning
Italy Barbera Silenzio ( Pietro di Campo ) 2018 Terning
USA Falling Feather Ruby Cab ( Arcus - Norwegian distr. ) 2018 Terning

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Cotes du Rhone Cuvee Confidence ( Domaine Fond Croze ) 2017
88/100 Røde bær i duften. Pæn intensitet med krydderier, let bitre kirsebærnoter og violer i smagen. Vellavet og meget ligefrem. Pæn krydret afslutning.
Cabernet Sauvignon Gran Reserva ( Vina Tarapaca ) 2017
89/100 Intense solbærnoter i duften. Pæn koncentration men også en flot friskhed i vinen. Masser af sorte bær, tobak, krydderier og vanilje i smagen. Meget klassisk oversøisk men på den gode måde. Krydret lidt tør afslutning.
Governo ( Angelo Borrani ) 2017
88/100 Lavet på delvist tørrede druer. Koncentreret og intens i udtrykket med sveskepræg, varme krydderier og strejf vanilje i smagen. Anelse bitterhed i eftersmagen. Pæn og ligefrem.
Côtes du Rhône ( Domaine Roger Perrin ) 2018
89/100 Sorte bær i duften. Saftig krydret og meget klassisk Rhone vin med brombær, peber og krydrede noter i smagen. Pæn balance og en rigtig frikadelle vin på den gode måde. Krydret afslutning.
Barbaresco Riserva ( Roberto Sarotto ) 2013
87/100 Meget diskret i næsen. Røde kirsebær, marcipan, violer og krydderier i smagen. Anelse sødme i eftersmagen. Ikke helt på højde med hvad man bør forvente fra en barbaresco.
Gigondas Laurus ( Gabriel Meffre ) 2014
90/100 Fyldig intens vin i duft og smag. Sorte bær, violer, peber og strejf vanilje i smagen. Pæn koncentration og syre. 2014 var et svært år men denne fremstår ganske flot.
East Bench Zinfandel ( Ridge Vineyards ) 2017
Ridge kan sin zin, samt balans och fathantering. Läskande och vibrerande av hallon, plommon, skogsbär, söta kryddor och vilda örter. Hamburgare ok?
Birichino Grenache Besson Vineyard ( Birichino ) 2017
Charmigt och flörtigt med fluffiga jordgubbar, hallonbåtar, granatäpple, svala syror och lättsippade syror.
Synthesis Malbec ( Finca Sophenia ) 2017
Livlig och lockande malbec med stor fräschör, mineraler i mängder, vild viol och syrliga plommon, vildhallon och nyplockade örter. Fram med en bättre köttbit.
Imperial Reserva ( C.V.N.E. ) 2016
Hederligt och ärligt med saftiga röda bär, körsbär, nötter, lite cedertoner och snygga fat á a Rioja.

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